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Whilst we at Holly Meadows believe that uniforms are an important part of creating a shared sense of identity and responsibility, we are also mindful of keeping costs to a minimum to allow our uniform to remain accessible to all families and offer value for money.

Daily uniform to be worn every day:

  • Sweatshirt / Cardigan—royal blue (school logo optional)
  • Polo shirt—white or light blue (school logo optional)
  • Trousers / Skirts—dark grey or black
  • Pinafore dress—dark grey or black
  • Summer dress—blue gingham
  • Black sensible shoes

A pair of trainers for outdoor play are required

We offer sweatshirts, cardigans and polo shirts printed with the school logo to purchase via the school with the option with the option to buy plain ones from a general retailer..

Long hair should be neatly tied back and short haircuts should not be shorter than grade 2 with no tramlines cut in. 

Jewellery: a wrist watch and stud earrings only.

 PE kit:

  • ‘House’ colour T-shirt - siblings will all have the same house colour
  • Black shorts (tracksuit for colder weather)
  • Socks and trainers for outdoor PE / Plimsolls for indoor games activities    

 Outdoor Learning Kit:   

  • Plimsolls for indoor games activities
  • A pair of wellington boots that remain at school
  • A drawstring storage bag  
  • A sun-hat or cap for hot / sunny days
  • A warm hat and gloves for cold weather
  • Please note that the school can loan waterproof trousers and tops (up to KS1 size).

'Pre-loved' uniform:

The school office has a number of 'pre-loved' uniform items including branded  and non-branded jumpers and cardigans, school trousers and skirts and PE items.  These can be obtained by enquiring at the school office.

View our Uniform  Form.