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PE at Holly Meadows 2023-24 

Holly Meadows  P.E Curriculum

What does PE look like at Holly Meadows?


At Holly Meadows School we know how important it is to develop children's physical skills, but just as important to develop their life skills so that they can grow into healthy and active individuals. We care about the emotional health and well-being of the children and provide opportunities for children to be play leaders, school sports organisers and participate in activities such as yoga and team building.

We ensure that all our children are provided with high quality teaching in physical education. We provide this by allowing the children to access exciting and challenging lessons. The fundamental ABC of physical education (Agility, balance and coordination) are taught throughout KS1 to enable our pupils to gain the key skills and knowledge they require to prosper in PE and begin to grow into confident, strong and independent sportsmen and women. Throughout KS2 the intent is to broaden key knowledge and skills allowing children to create movement patterns as well as link sequences, this in turn allows the understanding of communication, collaboration and competitiveness. Alongside this, the provision of outside sporting opportunities in the wider community are made clear and the children are encouraged to experience these.

Pupils at Holly Meadows have two hours of High Quality PE every week, we look for success physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. With this approach every child can be successful, and every child can achieve.

In addition we try to provide a wide range of extra-curricular sporting opportunities, which they can attend. We promote the importance of eating a healthy diet and encourage healthy snacks at break times.


All of our pupils gain a plethora of skills through accessing our challenging curriculum and high quality teaching. We cover a range of areas so that children can experience common sports as well as new and modern sports like handball and boccia.

Our diverse curriculum covers these areas-

  • Athletics
  • Invasion Games such as hockey, rugby and netball
  • Target games such as Boccia and Tri-golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • OAA
  • Fundamental movement and skills
  • Swimming
  • Fitness
  • Cycling – balance-ability and bike-ability


We focus highly on peer assessment so that pupils can understand their strengths and weakness allowing them to improve in areas they feel necessary. Alongside this we offer after school clubs to further widen their sporting experiences. Competitions, and festivals are also a core value of ours, allowing children to experience different sporting settings and competitiveness enables growth and confidence in our children which in turn allows them to succeed in sport.


It is important at Holly Meadows that our children understand the benefits of sport and the effects a balanced diet has on our bodies; therefore, we aim to improve the physical development of our children. Physical fitness, sports skills and sports values are of key worth to our school as they install moral standards which can be used through life, we therefore encourage our children to make progress and understand their benefits.





Foundation and  KS1 progression of skills overview 


 KS2 progression of skills overview



SEND progression of skills overview