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Hosted by Holly Meadows School PTA MeadowFest is a fete/fun day incorporating a football tournament, dog show, displays, traditional fete stalls and craft fair. There is also food, bouncy castles, a bar and live music.
Entry is FREE!!!

Facebook details:

PTA contact: Emma Whitmore - If you would like to have a craft stall please call 07747111452 or email, pitches cost £10 plus a prize for the raffle



Present:  Emma Whitmore (Chair) Sandra Balmforth (Secretary) Christianne Groom (Treasurer)  Jennie Wildsmith, (Head Teacher) Nigel Billing and Phil Hurr (Holly Meadows Youth FC), Sarah Travers, Claire Morgan, Wendy Lake, Sarah Purkins.

Apologies:  Diane Wright (Vice Chair)

Meadowfest – Saturday 20th May 2017

  • 1 Emma said there are 29 confirmed stalls booked for Meadowfest and this may increase to as many as 46 when including other stalls such as Jolly Jars, Tombola, raffle etc.
  • 2 Other stalls run by the PTA are :-

Raffe              -           £1 for strip of tickets

Jolly Jars       -           £1 a ticket

Tombola        -           20p

Lucky dip       -           50p

Guess Ted’s name -  Aldrin Class – 20p

Christianne will arrange floats for these stalls. 

  • 3 Emma confirmed that stallholders have been told they should arrive at 9.30 am to set up and be ready for 12pm. It has also been emphasised that in the interests of safety no cars should be moving about on site during the fete.
  • 4 Everyone was keeping a close eye on the weather reports daily at the moment or even hourly and it was decided that if rain prevailed on the day the stalls could be set up within the school. The dog show and inflatables would remain outside.  Phil confirmed that Roger Moore was donating 25 hay bales for the dog show area.  Inflatables will be arriving at 8.00 am.
  • 5 Sandra and Claire confirmed they could bring marquees down to the school either after school on Friday or on Saturday morning.
  • 6 Peter B will be comparing during the day and he will also be taking photographs during day which will go on to the PTA/school website. Emma confirmed that as this is a public event a notice will be clearly displayed at the front and back of the school to say that photographs will be taken during the event.
  • 7 The Scouts will be arriving on site at 11.30 am to direct traffic.


  1. Christianne confirmed funds stand at £2,061.00. Monies for uniform

and breakfast club expenses are to come out of this amount.  £45.45 is to be deducted for supplies for Meadowfest such as plastic cutlery which Emma has obtained.

  1. Emma said she would find out some more details of a bee keeping workshop based in Walpole Cross Keys. Information to follow.
  2. Year 6 leavers. White T Shirts will be provided to each leaver with the Holly Meadows logo on their last day.  There will be a Year 6 leavers ‘bring your own’picnic and the PTA will provide the ice creams and Pimms for the parents.
  3. Jennie asked if the PTA would provide funds to allow the author James Nicholl to do a creative writing workshop. He has written ‘The Apprentice Witch’ and it was thought he could come in during October, around Halloween time.  This workshop will cost £295.00 and the PTA agreed to fund this.
  4. A date was set for the next disco of Friday, 7th July 2017.
  5. Jennie said she would like the school to attain Artsmark status and would like to build on this next year. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Date of next PTA Meeting – Wednesday, 21st June 2017 at 2.30 pm

Holly Meadows School



Wednesday, 22nd February 2017

7.30 pm The Three Horseshoes PH, Roydon 

Present:  Emma Whitmore (Chair) Sandra Balmforth (Secretary) Jennie Wildsmith, (Head Teacher) Amy Harvey (Aldrin Class Teacher)  Pete Balmforth (Website Manager) Sarah Travers, Rachel Smith, Julie Morters, Phil Hurr, Nigel Billing

Apologies:  Diane Wright (Vice Chair) Christianne Groom (Treasurer), Claire Morgan, Sarah Purkins

  1. It was decided there would be an event page on the website for Meadow Fest and PB to set this up.  Emma confirmed she was happy for her email and mobile number to be used and that PB would produce a poster of the event using Emma’s contact details.  Emma confirmed there is a link on the PTA Facebook page to other PTA Facebook users for the event of Meadow Fest.  Jennie said that a reminder can go on the next Newsletter to use the Facebook page.
  1. Emma confirmed that currently we have about 8 or 9 confirmed community stalls for the event and there is capacity for up to 25 around the school field.  It was suggested these could be in the outer perimeter of the field with the activity events in the middle.
  1. Parking will be accessed via the gate to the front of the field with the Scouts marshalling the parking and coming onto the site from 11.30 am.  The football participants will already be there from 9.30 am for a 10.30 am start and the football organisers will supervise the parking in an area to be confirmed.  It is hoped that a site plan will be produced of the event.

No parking will be permitted in the turning circle in front of the school as there will be a Fire Engine and Police car on display for the children and, for obvious reasons may need to leave in the case of emergency.

The toilets in the school will be available to use.

  1. Phil Hurr and Nigel Billing confirmed they would be organising a football tournament with matches which will start from about 10.30 am.  These matches will run for approx 10/15 minutes duration and will run continuously through the day with occasional breaks to coincide with other main festival events as necessary, with the tournament itself to run for 4/5 hours. There will be prize giving at the end of the afternoon.  It was suggested that Congham Hall may offer a trophy.  

The football organisers confirmed they have several sponsors for which advertising could be used during the afternoon.  Details of this to be confirmed later.

Nigel said the football organisers usually provide a refreshment tent and will do this as the football will start in the morning.  There will be bacon rolls served up to 11.30 am and tea/coffee, soft drinks and snacks for the duration of the tournament next to the pitch.  The profit from this will go to the football.  

Phil confirmed JMA Inflatables will supply a bouncy castle/slide and assault course and they will have their own public liability insurance. They will pay HM PTA for the pitch which will be divided so that HM PTA receive 70% and the football 30%.

5. Emma confirmed Sunnyside Vets will hold a dog show and this will run     

during the afternoon with £2 per category entry.  It is hoped that Roger Coe will supply straw bales to enclose the area where this will take place.  Prior to and following the show dogs will need to be kept on a lead and no dog fouling is permitted on the school field.

6. All community craft stalls will be charged £10 a pitch plus a prize for the raffle.  There will be just one raffle for the whole day and tickets will be sold for the raffle on the day with the profits going 50/50 between HM PTA and the Football organisers. 

7. St John’s Ambulance Service will have a pitch.  This will cost £174 for the day (they may be able to deduct VAT).  They can have a ‘lost child’ tent and provide activities.

8. It is confirmed there will be plenty of events going on during the afternoon:-

Craft Stalls

Football Tournament

Dog Show

Mini Sports Day

Drumming display from Holly Meadows children

Live band 

Glee Club (HM children)

Jolly Jar stall (Holly Meadows PTA)

Tombola stall (Holly Meadows PTA)

Scouts – Bat the Rat

Cake stall 

Congham Hall – Strawberries and Cream

Ice Cream Van

Burger Van